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Free RM100 for Real Name Authentication in Winbox

The real-name authentication function will be enabled on the platform at 15-08-2022 12:00PM GMT+8
To improve and protect user privacy, platform will require users to real-name authentication.
Users need real-name authentication. If no verified, the following functions cannot be used: Transfer, Receive, Add friend.
Name account of Top up / Withdraw must same as real-name authentication name.
please be aware! Thanks.

Real-name authentication rewards notice:
real-name authentication and first top up can get MYR100 reward, this event only limited to top up via (Online banking).
Name of the bank account must be the same as the name of the real-name authentication while top up.


How to make Real Name Authentication and Get Free RM100?
Haven't Get An Account?

About Winbox real-name authentication QnA

1.How many real names can be bound to the same bank account?
The same bank account can have unlimited real names.

2.Do shareholders and members also need real names?
Real-name is not mandatory, but if you do not have a real-name, you will not be able to transfer money, receive money, or add friends.

3.Free 100 according to user name or according to bank account? For example, if a user has 5 bank accounts, does it get 1 or 5 times?
The gift of 100 is based on the bank account. For example, a user who has 5 bank accounts will get 5 rewards, but must use 5 UIDs for real-name binding

4.What is the reason for the need for real-name authentication?
Prevent people with intentions from using the company account to carry out bombing and deception.

5.For example, if a customer has 2 UIDs, does the same bank account get a first-charge reward once or twice?
A bank account is bound to a real name, and you can only get one first top-up reward.

6.What is the minimum recharge amount for the first recharge reward to get the reward?
According to the minimum deposit amount on the platform, it is currently Rm20.

7.If player A recharges and transfers the points to player B to play the game, and then player B wins money and then withdraws it?
is allowed.

8.Do I get the first deposit reward when I use Quick Deposit and ATM Cash Deposit for the first deposit after my real name?
You must use bank transfer to earn points to get the first top-up reward after real-name.

9.Without real-name authentication, do I need to have the same name for deposit and withdrawal?
Banks using any name without real-name authentication can recharge, and for withdrawals, you must refer to the last bank used to recharge.

10.Is it possible to use the real name of a bank opened in the company name?
Sure, No problem.

11.How many real names should be bound to a UID?
A UID can only be bound to one real name.

12.How many real names should be bound to a UID?
A UID can only be bound to one real name.

13.Does the real-name authentication certificate have to be uploaded?
Credentials do not have to be uploaded.

14. Can new account get free RM100 after registration?
Register here

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