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Play top-notch casino games at Winbox Malaysia. Let the fun begin!

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Winbox is one of Asia's most popular and best online casino platforms. We provide the latest and fun casino games to all our players. Our long-standing collaborations with the best live casino providers in this industry such as AG, PT, BG, and GD. For those who love the slots, we have some fun games here such as 918Kiss, Jili, and LionKing. Winbox88 also offers a diverse range of sports betting and 4D online lottery games for those who seek the chance to win big.

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You can enjoy live casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Sic Bo at Winbox. All the table games are live broadcast from Asia's trusted and reputable provider. All the results are generated live using random numbers from human dealers, not by computers. This provides players with a perfectly fair gaming experience.

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Play Winbox Slot Game No Matter Where You Are! You can enjoy the best slot titles with certified developers like 918Kiss, JDB Slot, and Lucky365 on the Winbox mobile app. There are various slot game themes available, from classic to modern. There's sure to be something you'll enjoy. Check it out now!

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Sports fans, rejoice! We provide a variety of exciting sports events to bet on, for example: the World Cup, UEFA, English Premier League, and & La Liga. Additionally, E-sports betting like LOL, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike are also available here. Join us today and elevate your sports and E-sports betting experience!

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When it comes to betting on horse racing, many beginner players think this sport is very confusing and complex. Therefore, Winbox88 collaborates with RCB 988 to improve the betting interface and provide detailed guides to all players. Now, with the simplified betting process, horse racing is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Winbox Lottery hosts most of the popular 4D online betting games like Magnum, 1+3 Damacai, Toto, Lucky HariHari, Pendana 4D,  Singapore Pools, Sabah, and Cashsweep. Now prepare to test your luck and pick up some fortune!

Winbox | Winbox88 | Winbox Online Casino | Winbox Official

Winbox, a popular online casino in Malaysia for several years. You can try out your luck and win real money with various choices of online casino games. With the Winbox mobile app, you can now easily access all games anytime and anywhere, even without needing to leave your home.

With the growth of this industry, selecting a reliable and trustworthy online casino in Malaysia such as Winbox Casino is very important for all players. Following are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Valid legal license or certifications

  2. Various collections of casino games from a trusted provider

  3. Profitable casino bonuses or promotion

  4. Professional and responsive customer support

  5. Support deposit &withdrawal options in general

  6. Good reviews on Malaysia's online casino review site

Above is what a top online casino in Malaysia has to bring for players, and you can find it all at Winbox Asia.​


Let’s find out the types of casino games that you will find on the Winbox casino platform.

Online Live Casino

Winbox live casino games allow you to feel the same experience as real play at a physical casino. With the H5 and mobile app available, you can now play them from everywhere. Here are several live games online you can found:

  • Poker

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Baccarat

  • Sic Bo

Playing with real-time human dealers not only can enhance the fun but also provide a touch of authenticity to every game. So, visit us and start your online live casino gaming experience now!

Online Slot Game

Slot Machines are the most popular casino game category in the gambling world. If live casino Malaysia is not your favorite, you can always play Winbox slot games online. It is a simple game machine where you can place your bets and receive amazing rewards, awards, etc. Compared to other casino games, this is more acceptable for all beginners.

Although playing slot games is easy, achieving real money wins, you still need to put more effort into practicing the strategy.

Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is a growing trend in the Malaysian market. Malaysians have a strong passion for sports, and now you can place bets on your favorite local sports teams at Winbox MY. For instance, football enthusiasts can bet on Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT), a professional football club based in Johor Bahru. Additionally, badminton and Lee Zii Jia’s matches also attract betting interest. Let’s have a try on Winbox Casino now!

Esports Betting Malaysia

If you’re part of the younger generation who enjoys playing games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, or LOL, here’s an exciting opportunity. You can now place bets on esports tournaments for your favorite team based on your real experience with that game. Your familiarity with the game can help you predict which team is likely to win, giving you a chance to earn real money.​

Fish Shooting Game Online

We provide the top fish shooting game for players in Malaysia’s online gambling industry. This exciting online fish shooting game is brought to you by Spadegaming, a well-known provider in Asia. At Winbox Casino, you’ll find visually stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and a higher RTP chance to win real money.

Fish Shooting Game Online

Another famous betting game in Malaysia's online casinos is the 4D lottery. In this game, you choose a 4-digit number from the range of 0000 to 9999. If your selected number matches one of the winning numbers drawn, you win a prize. Nowadays getting 4D lottery tickets is quite easy. If you are a Winbox player, you can buy Toto, Magnum, or any kind of 4D in Malaysia without visiting the store physically.  


These days, nearly anything is connected with smartphones, which includes gaming. Even though you would have a sizable screen for your desktop play, people prefer playing on their smartphones from the comfort of a sofa or bed.

In a bid to enter the mobile game market, Winbox Malaysia online casinos have found ways of improving the game levels to serve this new demand from players.​

Winbox Mobile App

We has introduced Asia's first mobile casino app for Malaysian players. Now you can install the Winbox mobile app via App / APK file to your Android or iOS device and enjoy it seamlessly. 

H5 Winbox / Winbox Web

If the mobile app isn’t compatible with your device, consider trying the H5 Winbox web version. With HTML5 technology, the Wibox web will fit perfectly on your mobile screen. You can play our game directly with your mobile browser without needing to install any additional apps.

Let’s enjoy the convenience and excitement of Winbox Casino wherever you are!


If you join Winbox88 casino, then there is no need to be disappointed with our bonus. This is because our promotion offers are more than the majority of Malaysian online gambling sites. 

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up at Winbox Casino, you can enjoy our ‘Welcome Bonus’ which is up to a total of 100%. After the successful registration, the bonus will be debited automatically. 

Rescue Bonus

The rescue Bonus amount is based on your betting turnover and the maximum is up to RM50,000 every month.

Scratch and Win

Want more excitement? Receive your exclusive bonus code and scratch for a shot at RM2,888 daily! Claim it before the event expires!

Free Spin Bonus

When you top up your wallet to play the slot game, you will be entitled to free spins as a bonus! You can utilize the free spinning chance to win real money without risking your fund.

Note: Our promotions are frequently updated. Be sure to bookmark our site and visit regularly to check out the latest offers.


Our platform support for multiple payment methods is safe and easy. Currently, a selection of well-known payment methods are accepted for deposits and withdrawals on Winbox Malaysia.

1. Local Bank Transfers:

With the following local banks, you can withdraw your winnings from Winbox MY easily.

  • Maybank

  • CIMB

  • Public Bank

  • RHB Bank 

  • Hong Leong

2. E-Wallets:

  • Touch 'n Go eWallet

  • Boost

  • GrabPay

  • EasyPay

All the e-wallet service provides an on-the-go solution with quick and secure transactions, allowing you to manage your Winbox capital easily.

3. Online Payment Gateways:

Winox also supports FPX (Financial Process Exchange) which lets you make electronic banking transactions via the Internet.

4. Credit/Debit Cards:

VISA or Master cards are supported on our platform. This is suitable for players who need a high level of consumer protection.

Note: All the transaction processing times can vary from immediate to 3 business days, depending on the chosen payment method.


Winbox | Winbox88 Secure Network System


Besides providing a safe and proven betting method, we also care for your personal info.
Our team takes every step meticulously to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Winbox | Winbox88 Fast Register Free


Create an account to enjoy premium quality online betting promotions and gaming entertainment at exceptional value.

Winbox | Winbox88 Customer Service Online


If you have any questions regarding betting or casino games, our support is available 24/7 via Chat, Telephone and E-mail

  • What is Winbox UID?
    Winbox UID is like a username to specify each player. In Winbox, each UID is only can be used one time, once created, UID cannot be changed otherwise.
  • What is the format of UID?
    1. UID last three characters cannot be all numbers, and the first character must start with a letter (a-z) and the length required at least 6 and maximum 15 characters. Example of UIDs: abcd12✔ ab123a✔ abc123✖ 123abc✖
  • What is Winbox QR Code?
    Firstly, QR code can be found inside Winbox app at the middle buttom which is a blue iconised button. QR code is utilised for adding friends, for registering a new account, received points from your friends, and also SHARE to public to earn extra incomes!
  • What is Winbox chips?
    -Chips are the turnover rebate for all players on 5pm daily. -Users can get more free chips by finding more downline players, and get SUPER PLAYER REBATE daily! -Chips can be used for these selected games: Ekor, Lion King, Poker Win, Sexy Gaming, Play8, Horse Racing RCB988 and Lucky365. -1 Chip=1MYR
  • How to get more free chips?
    By sharing your own QR Code to your friends, you can get more free chips if your friends starting playing Winbox. Super Player aka Upper Player can get approximately 0.1%~0.3% rebate from their downline players everyday. So what are you waiting for? Share up your code to the public and earn an infinity profits now!
  • What is Winbox Payment Pin (6 digits)?
    -Payment Pin is a 6-digit number set up for secondary confirmation before transfer or withdraw. -Players can change their Payment Pin at ‘Settings’. -Remember not to share your own payment pin to others.
  • How to install Winbox app?
    1. Visit to download the app. -For IOS users, please install TestFlight at first, then follow the guide to download the apk. -For Android users, just insteadly click on "Android download" to install the app. 2. Visit the page of to download the app.
  • How if I forgot my UID/login password?
    1. At the login phase in the app, click on "help", the choose your corresponding problem -Forget password? -Forget UID? By receiving your One Time Password via phone number or email, you can change or find back what you are looking for.
  • How to change my binding phone number?
    1. Go to "Me" 2. Select Edit Personal Information. 3. Click on Mobile No. 4. By receiving One Time Password, change your new phone number and click send. 5. Key in the verification code. 6. Done.
  • Is Winbox available for PC version?
    Winbox is now only serving phone application version, we will try our best producing pc version in the future.
  • What is current bet/previous bet?
    Current bet and previous bet is the summarised amount of betting turnover of a game. You find out it at the lobby before you enter the game. The more you bet, the more rebates you get.
  • Chat Lobby
    Messages/Photos can delivered among players in here just like other social apps.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Team
    Players can contact our CS anytime in several languages in any sector of questions, for example: Top Up/Withdrawal/Game Complaint and etc
  • How to bind bank account in Winbox?
    1. Click on "Me". 2. Select "Bank Account" 3. Select "Add bank account" 4. Choose the bank you want to bind in. 5. By entering the verification code that sent to your phone, you are all done until now.
  • Why should I bind bank account?
    Binding unless a bank account is convinient for you to withdraw the Winbox Points into your own bank account.
  • How to change/delete my bank account?
    1. Click on "Me". 2. Select "Bank Account". 3. Click on the "Edit Icon" at the upper right. 4. Delete your bank account. Reminder: Players cannot delete the last bank account.
  • Why can't I enter a game?
    Make sure you logged out from other games, there will be a "Playing..." promt display at the module on the game when you are not logged out. 1. Click on the game module and Quit it, then you are able to login the other games.
  • What can I do if the game is under maintainance?
    You cannot play once the game is under maintainance. If you are locked inside the game, you can seek for help from our customer service team and they will help logging you out manually.
  • Why I can't login into Lion King app?
    Most of the players had fedback they con't login Lion King app by inserting their UID and password. No you don't have to... Just enter Lion King via Winbox Game Lobby.
  • Why there is a green chip icon on the game logo?
    -It means the games are accepted by suing chips, such as: Ekor, Lion King, Poker Win, Sexy Gaming, Play8, Horse Racing RCB988 and Lucky365. -1 Chip=1MYR
  • Is all the Live Casino Game real?
    You'll get the comfort and privacy of playing from your own home combined with the heart pumping experience of a casino floor. There is a reason these games are called LIVE. Everything happens in real-time, a real human being is dealing the cards to you, and other people get to participate at the same time as well.
  • How to Top Up/Withdraw?
    1. Instant Top and Bank Transfer. Visit: 2. Withdrawal Visit:
  • Why my Top Up cannot be approved?
    Top Up will be rejected based on these reasons: 1. Receipt is not clear enough. 2. No time/date/transfer amount/bank account is shown on above. 3. Recepient referrence is not legal. (Such as: buy thing, stocks, sales...which will suspected on criminal action)
  • Why my withdrawal is rejected?
    If your betting turnover is below one time mutlple of your top up amount, then you are not able to withdraw your winnings. Example: Top up RM1000, bet RM100 (turnover =100)
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